Improve lead-generation with specialized resources that mine data effectively and efficiently.

A North Carolina based professional services firm was drowning in data, receiving information on 1500+ new prospects each day. Internal staff was constantly pulled from their primary duties to keep up with unpredictable volumes of new data each day with mail packages that needed immediate turnaround.

Our Solution

Automated Data Processing

Excalibur wrote automated data processing routines that identified prospects, extracted relevant information for segmentation, and prepared letter and data files to produce targeted messages and mail packages.

Streamlined Delivery

Using receipt analysis and timely batch processing, we met our client’s tight turnaround goals.

Increased Cost Efficiency

Excalibur’s client-centered approach, front-end data processing expertise, high-speed digital printing personalization, and mailing equipment produces significant postage discounts.

The Excalibur Outcome

Remarkably quick prospect receipt and relevant messaging resulted in a very good return for our client’s letters. By testing and measuring letter variables, Excalibur continues to work with this client to improve their response rates over time.