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Thanking You and the Community

WfddlinkupdateEvery non-profit has unmet needs in reaching its potential or in achieving specific unfunded opportunities.  Excalibur, with a 40-year history of community engagement, wants to help. We want to use our direct marketing expertise to help deserving organizations motivate donors and prospects.

The Grant Request Process

The grant application deadline has passed. Check back in August to learn about the grants that have been awarded.

Eligibility:   The Excalibur Community Grant is open to any non-profit organization in the geographic area the company services, with preference to those having direct impact on North Carolina.  Any eligible organization may apply without regard to being a client of Excalibur.

Value of Services Awarded:  Grant requests may be in any amount within the total of $40,000, with a minimum request of $500.  Applicants should use their best judgment in determining the size of their grant request, recognizing the Excalibur Community Grant program strives to assist as many meaningful applicants as reasonably possible.  The higher the grant request, the more compelling the strategic need must be.

Criteria Used for Grant Approval:  Grant requests will be reviewed by a panel of independent community members in collaboration with Excalibur representatives.  Grant recipients will be selected based on the clarity of their request and the demonstrated impact that Excalibur’s services can help realize.  Grants are intended to help organizations accomplish unmet needs or strategic goals, not to support general operating budgets or programs.

Each grant recipient must agree to share project results fully and confidentially with Excalibur. Using that information, the recipient and Excalibur can determine the project impact and any potential next steps to consider. Also, the grant recipient must allow Excalibur to share results in a mutually agreed-upon manner.

Scope of Grant Requests:  Excalibur’s wide range of direct marketing services, listed on the application and on the website, provides ideas of services that might be requested.  Grants will be awarded to help deserving non-profits meet unmet needs; improve existing efforts; expand programs, services or geography; better promote targeted messages; achieve unfunded strategic goals; increase base of donors or audience; increase efficiencies and effectiveness of communications; or raise awareness.

 Timelines.  Grant requests are to be submitted in full by June 30, 2014.   The grant panel will acknowledge receipt of each grant request.  Grants will be awarded during the calendar year of 2014. Grant recipients will be notified in writing as awards are made during 2014.

The grant application deadline has passed. Check back in August to learn about the grants that have been awarded.

For more information, please contact us at 336.744.5000, or via