Acquiring donors can be time consuming and expensive. More organizations are turning to the list rental market to find new donors. Here are three tips to get more benefit out of your list rental effort: check marks

1. Find people who have a stated interest or affinity for your cause. Home value, net worth and income may demonstrate an ability to give, but not a propensity. A smaller, more expensive list of people who are more likely interested in what you do always is better than a larger list of “wealthy” people.

2. Don’t set your expectations too high. Donor acquisition is at best a break-even effort financially. What you are counting on is what these new donors will represent from the perspective of their lifetime-value to your organization. You’re making an investment.

3. Make your content compelling and specific. Don’t try to tell your whole story. For this appeal to a rented list, just focus on your primary reason for being, and tell it in a passionate, personal way. Get their interest, and you’ll get their first gift.

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