brandWhile having an appealing logo is important, it does not by itself make your company well branded. A good brand is a promise that delivers a pledge of quality, satisfaction, and value.

Here are some tips to make your brand stand out:

1. Focus on your audience: Develop a brand that creates awareness and customer loyalty in the niche you are trying to serve. If you don’t know your niche well, take the time to understand why your customer purchases from you. It’s fine to have more than one niche, just be clear who you are talking to when generating design and content for your specific audience.

2. Communicate Effectively: Infuse clarity and uniqueness in whatever you communicate. All too often I pick up a brochure or stand in front of a display booth and am challenged to figure out what this company does. Make a good first impression to earn future interactions.

3. Communicate Consistently: Your content and look should be uniform among all your communication channels. Often a website is now the foundation for branding your company. Be sure that whatever is conveyed on the website is up to date and translates well to other communication vehicles.

4. Tell your story through testimonials: Benefits derived from using your product or service are always more powerful when told by a third party.

5. Talk to your customers: Continually ask your customers “why did you choose us?” or “why do you continue to use us?” In my experience, customers will often articulate a benefit you had not previously thought, or may express it in a way that is more effective. Branding is not a one-off exercise, but a continual process that should challenge you to deliver on your promise.

— George Newstedt, Chief Operating Officer