3 Quick Tips for Designing an Effective Postcard


Sending a direct mail postcard to your target audience can be a great tool to generate interest and sales.

When designing a postcard, it is very important to make sure it attracts interest, increases desire, and lets people know exactly what action you want them to take.

To boost your postcard’s effectiveness, here are 3-quick tips for designing a postcard:

1.  Headline – Grab Attention.

Start with a strong headline that grabs their attention. The headline should incorporate a benefit of using your product or service.

2.  Body Copy – Increase Desire

The body copy should increase desire and lead them towards a specific action.  One way to increase desire is to offer a limited quantity – making the product exclusive increases the demand. Give them a call-to-action.  Tell them what you want them to to, and then make it clear and easy for them to do it.

3.  Close – Remind them of the benefits they will be receiving.

The last thing they will read is your close.  This is where you reinforce the main benefit and promise them the results if they take action now.