Drowning in data yet starving for knowledge?

John Naisbitt first made this observation about the abundance of data in his 1982 book Megatrends. Thirty years later, it still rings true for many companies who use direct marketing to
communicate with prospects. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  If used properly, data analysis can become a powerful business tool for any organization.

Benefits of collecting prospect information and targeted messaging

One of our recent clients, a Winston-Salem-based professional services firm, received information on 1,500+ new  prospects each day—but didn’t have the knowledge about its prospects to use direct mail most effectively. Excalibur wrote automated data processing routines that identified prospects, extracted relevant information from 70+ files, segmented the data by categories,and prepared letter and data files for targeted mail messages.

Meet tight turnaround goals

Data analysis is essential for effective direct mail. So is timeliness. Using Excalibur’s receipt analysis and timely batch processing, our
client was able to provide a one-day turnaround to respond to customer inquiries.

Obtain postage discounts and greater efficiencies

By using Excalibur’s front-end data processing expertise, high-speed digital printing personalization, and automated MLOCR sorting, our client realized more effective,
efficient and more timely mailings, as well as significant postage discounts.

Improve response rates by testing and measuring variables

Innovative direct mail solutions, relevant messaging and real-time statistical reports enabled our client to achieve a strong return-on-investment. By testing and measuring letter variables,
Excalibur continues to work with our client to further improve their response rates over time.