Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB)


What is IMB?
The Intelligent Mail® barcode, formerly referred to as the 4-State Customer barcode, is being implemented by the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a next-generation process for sorting and tracking letters and flats.

The Postal Service is promoting use of the Intelligent Mail barcode because it expands the ability to track individual mail pieces and provides customers with more options and information about mail.

What are the benefits?
• End to end visibility of all mailings
• Seamless process for mail acceptance and delivery using standardization
• Continuous mail tracking
• Mail quality feedback in real time
• Expands the ability to track individual packages and gives customers more options

Who has to use the new IMB?
Every business that wants reduced postage rates.

What does it cost?
• $3,000 – $12,000 each year for software updates
• Increased costs in equipment and employee training
• Increased need for IT department services

When is the deadline?
*January 26, 2014

How can you be ready?
Even though the industry has been aware of this date for a long time, many mailers and vendors do not fully understand what the requirement means to their organization.

In order to be ready for the January 26th deadline, it is important that vendors:
• Have preparations underway for full-implementation of IMB and other requirements of the Postal Service
• Create an integrated customer feedback loop to get insights of their mailings
• Deliver on improved operational efficiencies, accountability across the supply chain, improve customer service, and increase visibility

To be sure that you’re ready for intelligent full-service and all its implications, the best thing to do is partner with a mailing expert like Excalibur that is on the cutting edge regarding the technology and logistics. The benefits of doing so will be immeasurable.

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