Getting better responses with direct marketing

Direct marketing is the science of creating positive responses with sales letters and e-mail marketing.  By using its proven secrets, you dramatically increase your chances of getting the kind of response you are looking for.

Direct marketing does not sell to the mass market.  Direct marketers carefully select an audience who already has some interest in the kind of product/service the marketer is selling.  We present the selling message in the clearest, most direct way possible.

The direct marketer knows that, to make a sale, she can’t waste her prospect’s time by talking about herself.  Everything she writes must be focused on the prospect’s problem and how much better life will be after buying the product.

This is exactly what you have to do when you make your case to your prospects.  You have to let him know that you understand his problems and that you have solutions for each and every one of them.

Think of it this way when seeking new customers:  You are the product – the product that is going to solve your prospect’s problems.

Figure out what your prospect needs in order to make her life better.  Does she need someone who can increase her efficiency?  Reduce her costs?  Increase sales?  Reduce the time wasted following up on things?  Find out what it is that she needs, and prove that you’re the person who can solve her problems.

Anatomy of a great direct-marketing presentation:

  • Let your prospect know that you know her goals, problems, objectives, etc.
  • Make the claim that you are the person to solve/achieve them
  • Prove that you are that person
  • Request a specific action

The point is – your organization is missing out on a HUGE opportunity if you’re not marketing directly to customers that need your product.  Direct marketing is the secret weapon for successful enterprises, and it can be your secret to success too.

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