IMG_0114It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I pay particular attention to the direct marketing mail that is delivered to my home. Recently, I received a brochure from an organization (not a client!). The brochure’s address panel was printed with my home address, but the addressee name wasn’t mine; instead, the brochure was addressed to the name of a neighbor.

To be helpful, I contacted the organization to make sure they were aware of the error. Shortly thereafter, I received a postcard from the organization’s mailing services company headlined, “OOPS! News Regarding Our Last Mailer” explaining that “while formatting the mail file for this project, the data was sorted improperly by our company and some names were assigned to the wrong address…”

We don’t know how their error occurred, but errors happen everywhere, and we all should try to prevent them. That’s why throughout our organization, especially when data is concerned, we employ exacting quality control procedures which help prevent errors like this from happening.–Barna Saunders