popoverI had lunch with a friend today who told me about her trip to Acadia National Park in Maine, where she had afternoon tea and popovers overlooking Jordan Pond. Later that day, I was still thinking about hot popovers when I learned that a local nonprofit  had just lost one of their key development staff.

Staff retention is a big challenge for nonprofits, but there are solutions for weathering the storm while you’re looking for just the right candidate to fill your staff vacancy. One option is turnkey marketing communications and fundraising services. It’s a smart choice for an interim or ongoing need.

Turnkey services can include advice and fundraising counsel, event planning and management, donor database analysis and segmentation, a donor and cultivation strategy, development of a donor acquisition and retention program, membership acquisition planning, or case statement research and writing.

Staff turnover gives many people the chills, so when it happens to you, think about those hot popovers! Then turn to a trusted partner to talk about a virtual development department. It may be just the ticket you need to get some time off in Maine…I can smell those popovers now! Mary Craig Tennille